Hi Laura,


I just wanted to thank you for your steady, unswerving, persistent drive to find Tom and I a house no matter the circumstance or location!  We took what would seem a long time to a Realtorto find the "perfect" home for us, made many offers for various homes in the Monterey/Carmel area, and in the end, after many months of actually taking us to homes in that area, we decided that area was not the location for us after all! 

Throughout this journey, you have been very communicative, always available, very knowledgeable about all areas of real estate.  A valuable resource to someone moving from a different area of the state totally.  Then to top it off, we changed locations on you and went 1 hr north of the area your office normally covers!  Most Realtors would have been very upset that we changed our mind, but instead, you got in touch with another office of David Lyng, and brought yourself up to speed on the new location and we started the search from scratch again, and found a home quickly.  Your ability to change with the circumstance for the good of your client is an unusual ability that not many people have cultivated in their career and makes you a valuable asset to the David Lyng agency and to the community at large.  We surely did welcome it.

I appreciate the effort, encouragement, good cheer, and education you gave us, and continue to give us in the sale of our previous home.  Keep up the good work! 


Kris Hare



Reference for Laura Lasnik I am a new homeowner in Carmel-by-the-Sea, thanks in large measure to the outstanding job done by my realtor. Laura Lasnik is the consummate real estate professional. In my interactions with her over the 4 month period when we were working to make our dream of homeownership in Carmel come true, she never disappointed! She helped me navigate the uniquenesses of the Carmel market, was always prepared for my visits into the area, arranged for me to see every property I was interested in, helped de-brief after every viewing day, strategized with me on the offers we made, remained willing to re-visit a property that we were not initially successful with (which is now my beautiful cottage by the sea!), facilitated the multiple inspections I wanted to have done, worked with me through every step of the closing process and has continued to be an amazing resource for me as a new member of the community. Laura has become a friend during this process; a friend who enjoys her work, knows how to enjoy her family and mine, a friend whom I feel very lucky to have! It is my pleasure, indeed, to recommend her...without reservation. LaNette Zimmerman